Shut up Ted Haggard--you give bisexuals a bad name

Shut up Ted Haggard--you give bisexuals a bad name
How appropriate that the hypocritical pastor Ted Haggard is appearing with his wife, Gayle, on "Divorce Court" on April Fool's Day.

Haggard is the pastor who was ousted after being outed from the large National Association of Evangelicals and the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He was noted for condemning the gay life, but secretly he was seeing a male prostitute.

After denying at first about doing anything gay, Haggard, who has five children, finally confessed and resigned his lofty post as preacher. Then
, he went into a homo-rehab and rid himself of same-sex attractions. Through many interviews for his confessions, Haggard has talked about playing around with other guys in the seventh grade, and another guy in their congregation recently came out about their "inappropriate relations" (and was paid off by the church to shut up).
Haggard has obviously had a good 30-year sexual relationship with his wife, and he obviously likes guys, too. He won't say it, but he is the exact definition of bisexuality. (The problem is we don't want him!)

His wife Gayle now talks about how their marriage has survived the scandal, and claims, "It's made him a better man."

He's going to talk about the "sanctity of marriage," yet he condemns same-sex couples who want to marry. Yeah, this is a guy we want to get advice from, right?
No doubt this will result in a spate of other interviews and a media blitz about his complex sexuality. Why don't you just shut up Ted Haggard? Go away and shut up and stop confusing us about your confusion, and stop giving bisexuals a bad name!