Bisexual dating :5 Tips to get noticed by guys and girls on our bisexual dating site

You've joined so now what? You obviously want to meet another bi girl and swingers, preferably within driving distance, but where do you start? Right here.

1. Make yourself sound confident by using simple headlines.

2. Don't make trashy profile pictures, showing skin is fine but some men want a little more class.

3. List things that you are good at and be positive COMPLETELY throughout your statements you declare.

4. Add words that pack a punch and catch people's eye, when I read, if it seems boring and drawn out then I'm basically on to the next thing on my list unless I "have to" read it of course ha.

5. This is the main one for me, Smile, I don't care who the guy is, we all love a nice smile on a lady, everyone has flaws but a match isn't worried about that if they are truly interested, so smile and be you.