Where Can I Find Local Bisexual Singles and Couples?

I am a lovely, beautiful girl. I met another beautiful girl in college and had sexual fantasies about her. From then on, I knew I maybe a bisexual woman. We have a very close relationship. Every time I see her white skin, perfect figure, I have inexplicable sexual impulse. One day, I shared my secret with her that I might be bisexual, and she was shocked. Luckily, she didn't choose to leave me, and our relationship didn't move forward. We still had a sweet relationship until graduation.

I know many bisexual friends who have had a similar experience as me. Many people may not know who they are, but as they grow up, they suddenly have a strong attraction to the same sex too until they realize who they are. Actually, I don't care who I am, and I don't care about the bisexual label and prejudice either. I believe love is love. It isn't all about sexuality. I had a great bisexual dating experience. It gives me confidence to find the perfect mate. I've tried many ways to meet local bisexuals, including bisexual dating websites, social groups, forums, gay / LGBT bars and events.


 Today I'd like to share some of the pros and cons of these approaches, as well as personal experiences and dating tips.

1. Bisexual Dating Websites

I found BiCupid on a dating review of 5 best bisexual dating sites. Number one, which claims to be the world's first, largest, secure and most effective dating site for bisexual, threesome, BSDM, LGTB and other singles. Registration is simple, gender category is detailed including bi woman, bi man, couple, single woman, single man, trans, this makes dating accessible if you want to find bisexual dating, threesome dating or LGBT community. 

I met so many new friends here who encouraged me to be myself so that I could be more positive to accept my sexuality. Fortunately, I once found a girlfriend here and had a sweet time together. The site is so great that you are not only a dating site, but also a social platform where you can share your frustrations with being bisexual or ask for support on the largest bisexual blogs. The site has a lot of interesting features, but it's a paid site and there's no free trial period. If you wanna speed dating or one-night stands, it's not wise to choose unless you consider upgrading your member.

2. Bisexual Support Groups

If you want to find casual dating without extra cost, a bisexual support group is definitely a good choice. I've joined a lot of gay and bisexual support groups on Facebook, and one of them, "Bisexual Women and Couples Dating", really impressed me. Although the number of people is less than 5,000, they are active every day. The members of the group were mostly attractive couples and women. If you're looking for a bisexual threesome date, don't miss this group. Before joining the group, the administrator will ask you to answer questions about bisexuality. Advertisements, nude photos or abusive behavior are banned, and new members join in every day to share photos and greetings. I've joined other LGBT groups, but only a few have benefited me. Some groups of many members are not active, few update posts, some groups have a lot of minors, and some of the group of members of a lot of from you are not interested in other countries. If your geographical preferences are the United States, Canada, Australia, etc., you'd better do a good job screening ahead of time, otherwise you will feel bored and embarrassed.

3. Gay / LGBT Bars

Personally, I don't like going to GAY / LGBT bars, but I know they are very popular and it's easier to meet bisexual singles with the same interests. If you're tired of inefficient dating on the web, GAY / LGBT bars are a great place to let yourself free. Unlike bisexual online dating, here, you can be one-on-one social barrier-free communication, you can better understand her personal preferences, lifestyle, attitude to life, career and emotional expectations, etc., thereby avoiding filtering through the bisexual social networking spent a lot of time and effort, and increased the authenticity of completely. But most people are just looking for fun and one-night stands, it's hard to find a serious relationship.

4. Bisexual Activities

I also enjoy attending bisexual events and meeting a lot of local bisexual friends. We also do public service activities together. This is of great significance to eliminate the barriers in communication between people, reduce the misunderstanding of homosexuality and bisexuality in the "network violence", and help more people regain confidence and establish a healthy and upward life attitude.


 During the coVID-19 epidemic, many bisexuals stopped clinging to bars and parties for social distance safety, and instead focused on bisexual dating sites or apps to fight boredom or have fun. Some dating sites attract more people through discounts or free trial periods, so many sites or apps are showing a sharp growth trend. If you're trying online dating, now's your chance to find the perfect partner. But online dating isn't perfect. For example, you may find that there are many fake resumes and photos on bisexual dating sites, that members are not active, or that there aren't enough members nearby. Forums or groups have lots of negative posts or harassment that make you feel uncomfortable and tired. Local gay bar or organization activities can be interesting, but I suggest that you'd better not have sex if your relationship isn't confirmed. Sometimes, being sexxually assually assaulted and herpes infection can be more desperate.


  1. Hi, I really wanted to join groups like this, but I hesitate at times because Im quite shy or might be embarrassed. Also, I'm keeping my identity for the reason that I can't come out yet. I want to know more about bisexuality and meet people who'll understand my situation. So this write up gave me much info Thanks

  2. Hi um so honoured to be given a chance to comment on the post- um Bi and thought thatum attraing wrong character of what I expected so how do I know that tthis is my special one.


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