It's Bisexual Health Awareness Month, how can you check in on it?

It's Bisexual Health Awareness Month beginning in March, and the wants you to be healthy all year long.
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There are ways and awareness to check in, and starting today you can find out lots of information. Julia Canfield, the president of the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) in Boston, Massachusetts, will be spreading the word out through hash-tags, Facebook and other social media. This is the year two of the social media campaign about the health of bisexuals and it was spurred by the bisexual community’s mental health disparities. The BRC studies and information show that the bisexual community remains marginalized and underserved.

There's more depression, suicidality, substance use, anxiety and other mood disorders compared to their heterosexual, gay and lesbian counterparts. The theme this year will incorporate three main values – Intersectionality, Support, and Advocacy – into its campaign.

“Bisexual people have long been impacted by the negative effects of biphobia and bisexual erasure from both LGBTQ and straight communities," Canfield says. "They have also been denied access to critical services and resources that can enhance their mental and emotional well-being. Therefore, Bisexual Health Awareness Month aims to increase awareness about these issues and feature ways we can effectively address them.”

Bisexual Health Awareness Month will have the following focus themes throughout the four weeks of March:

March 2-6: (Statistics) A focus on current statistics and research data concerning mental health disparities in the bisexual community.

March 9-13: (Intersectionality) An emphasis on how race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, etc., can further impact mental health disparities in the bisexual community, particularly in regards to experiences of oppression and discrimination.

March 16-20: (Resources) A spotlight on current resources and creation of new ones that can address mental health disparities in the bisexual community.

March 23-27: (Action) The promotion and development of interventions, policies, and other activities that work to prevent or decrease mental health disparities in the bisexual community.

Bisexual Health Awareness Month launches on Monday, March 2 on the BRC’s Twitter (with hashtag #bihealthmonth), Facebook, and Tumblr pages.

The Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) has been advocating for bisexual visibility and raising awareness about bisexuality throughout the LGBT and straight communities since 1985. Visit