Before you can make the best use of a San Francisco or Las Vegas bisexual dating website like MeetBi, get a great online dating profile photograph.
Around 20% of all couples now meet via the web. To join those ranks, you need to position yourself effectively to attract the kind of people that you want to attract from the get go.
For the gentlemen...
  • Avoiding putting up a photo of you with other attractive guys or gals. Not only might this confuse a potential suitor (which one in the photo are you?) but it can also potentially make you look bad by comparison.
  • On the other hand, if you have a picture of you with a cuddly dog or cat, that will work.
  • Avoid using an "artificial seeming" picture – like a professional headshot (too formal) or a Halloween costume or "wacky" photo (too weird – people don't know you yet).
  • Be true to yourself. For instance, if you're an obsessive pianist: by all means, put up a picture of you playing the piano. But if you don't play the piano, why would you do that?
  • Sweat the details. For instance, you might have a great smile in one picture, but if you're wearing disgusting sneakers or ratty jeans, the overall image will be less than ideal.
  • Show your final picture to a few friends for feedback before you throw it up there.
  • Be prepared to iterate. Your first photo might not go so well! Take any feedback you get as potentially useful, and don't take rejections or unflattering comments too personally. You'll find someone!
For the ladies...
  • Avoid trying to be "too weird" out of the gate – no pictures of you with fake mustaches or partying like an animal with your girlfriends or wearing an incy-wincy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini. If you put up weird photos, you're going to attract weird people.
  • Present yourself how you are (the good version), not how you wish you could be.
  • For instance, pick a normal "good" outfit that you typically wear – don't snap a photo of you at prom or as a bridesmaid or at a gala ball. If you do that, your suitors (or suitoresses, if that's a word) will expect you to doll-up like that all the time.
  • In general, err on the side of being slightly too conservative. You want to telegraph your personality, but subtly. It's like flirting – you want to give a little but not too much.
The most important advice is to get out there and start taking action. Don't wait until you finalize the perfect profile photo. Start making connections on a bicurious dating website, and change up your profile and photo picture as you go.
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