Bisexual dating is getting more and more complicated, thanks to the proliferation of online dating sites and the cacophony of online social activity. Whether you're bi-curious in San Francisco or a Las Vegas bisexual – here are 5 first date tips.
1. Figure out something to do that doesn't involve just sitting across and staring blankly at the other person.
Sometimes "grabbing a cup of coffee" or "getting a drink" is the right move. If things go well, and sparks fly, maybe you'll have a connection. But if things don't go well, you'll be stuck there talking to the dud date for an hour or more – what a waste of time. Instead, figure out an activity – it could be skee ball, it could be skydiving – that you can do together.
2. Prepare yourself mentally and physically.
Learn a little bit about your date in advance. If she's a vegan, don't take her to a BBQ joint. If he's a celiac, stay away from the neighborhood bakery place you love. Don't get too fussy or fastidious. But know that planning can actually add to the spontaneity of the date.
3. Be present for the whole date.
The person might be boring or weird or what have you. You might be tempted to whip out your phone or iPad (or other device) and start twittering or checking voice mail. Don't be that guy (or gal). Be present with the person and just experience the moment. If you need to ditch the date, do so, but don't be half-present!
4. Listen more, but also talk.
Most people love talking about themselves. It's their favorite topic of conversation. So when you let your first date chat – and you pay full attention – you're going to win a fan pretty quickly. Of course, you don't want to just sit there like an interrogator asking question after question. Share your own ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc.
5. Have integrity.
Avoid lying, hiding important information (such as the fact that you have an STD – if that comes up) or pretending you're in a rosy mood when you're really in a sour one. You don't have to be overly disclosing. But be upfront, and treat him/her like you'd want to be treated.
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