Bisexual Girls Beware: Sociopathic Relationships

Although you may never know it, people you look up to, love, and respect could easily be sociopaths. They give themselves away by exhibiting strange combinations of controlling behaviors, such as being charismatic, calculating, extremely confident, while warmly embracing those who fall under their influence, and quickly dismissing all who disagree with them. Their ingenuous good natures and smiling faces hide sinister agendas which they disguise in their hearts as friendship and love.

These types of sociopaths can be easily spotted because of their affinity to one-way thought instead of open-minded discussions, and they never learn from their mistakes, which they disregard as inconsequential to their ultimate goal. From a controlling aspect, those under their influence are never left to form their own conclusions, which are said to be inferior to the sociopath's ideas. Instead, a sociopath's victim is expected to tow the line and is reprimanded for daring to challenge the sociopath's opinions.

Sociopaths have only one agenda, to manipulate and exploit in order to attain power and control. Instead of saying, "Do what I suggest and see if it makes a difference in your life," they will contend that your life is a mess because you are not following their edicts. There is a vast difference between the two approaches. One puts you in control, and the other puts the sociopath in control.
Sociopaths have no conscience. They plot and plan how to maintain their status and use any means to attain that. They will make you feel very special, but that is merely a manipulation. They will win you over by their words and logic, and control you with their charisma, enchanting you with their intelligence and vision. They will give you a show, but you will get the bill.

Although sociopaths appear to develop personal relationships, these relationships are only one-way, dead-ends, and only last as long as the sociopath gets some kind of selfish reward. If you look closely at these people, they are quite delusional, professing things that they have not experienced themselves, usually only things that they have read about or heard about second hand, even though they pretend to be very experienced and wise.

Sociopaths also exhibit no anxiety, which is a kind of self-hypnosis; because they really believe, that they are what they profess themselves to be. Therefore, no one can ever convince them that they may be wrong, regardless of the logic.
If you find yourself under the spell of such a person, think twice before continuing the relationship. You could be in danger psychologically or perhaps even physically. Sociopaths must get their way; they are very controlling, and when things don't go their way, they can become quite violent.

There are people in the world that have your well-being at heart, and not their own aggrandizement. This is where you will find legitimate relationships and an opportunity to discover the depths of your own heart.

Stay awake!