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The best biseual dating sites On
Comparing with hundreds of bisexual dating sites, here are the best bisexual dating sites online. These online Dating sites for singles & couples from such c...  more

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Most popular 5 bisexual dating sites on
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The most popular bisexual dating sites only for bisexual and bicurious. ( Edited by ailsajj )  
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Looking For Bisexual Girls And Swingers

How can bisexuals find each other?

It is often difficult to locate groups that deal specifically with a bi/pan/fluid identity. Listed below are groups around the U.S. and around the world that may be of help to you.


AMBI Los Angeles

American Institute of Bisexuality

Bay Area Bisexual Network

Bi and Polyamorous Together - Charm City (Baltimore)

BiNet Seattle


Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP) (Minneapolis)

Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago

Bisexuals in Metro Phoenix

Bisexuals United (Corpus Christi, Texas)

BiUnity in Philadelphia

Biversity Boston

Boston Bisexual Women's Network

Dallas/Fort Worth Bi Net

Fenway Health's Bi Health Program (Boston)

Los Angeles Bi Task Force

New York Area Bisexual Network

Richmond Bisexual Network (ROBIN)

Robyn Ochs's site

Seattle Bisexual Women's Network

The Bi Writers Association


Bisexual Women of Toronto

Toronto Bisexual Network

United Kingdom

Bi Coffee London

Bi Con (UK)

Bi Festival (UK)

BiPhoria (Manchester)

Bi Scotland

Bisexual Underground (London)

UK: The Bisexual Index


AmBIvalence Strasbourg (France)

Bi'Cause Paris (France)

Bigruppen (Danmark)

BINE (Germany) (Germany)

Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit (Netherlands)

Bijou (Netherlands)

COGAM (Madrid, Spain)

Area bisexualidad de Algarabia (Tenerife, Spain)


Bi-Sides (Sao Paolo, Brazil)


Bi and Pansexuals Israel


Bi-NSW Inc (Sydney)

Bi Alliance Victoria, Inc. (Melbourne)