Bisexual: Men and women, not all love?

Spanish movie "angels of sex that once many say" big break through ".Film tells the story of a man and a woman love two trials.Although dog blood plot, but also sparked intense discussion on bisexual.Bi is the third major except gay and straight sexual orientation, bisexual people love of men and women both sexes emotional and sexual arousal.
 Involved in the film angel sexual bisexual life, widely discussed.Photo:

In order to understand the different gender, race and not gay people view of bisexual, from the university of Pittsburgh school of public health, Mackey Friedman (Mackey Friedman) and his colleagues designed a about the bisexual people attitude questionnaire.Yesterday (November 5), in the American public health association 141th annual meeting and exposition, friedman announced the results of the survey.
Early investigation, they interviewed hundreds of college students, and according to their the bisexual can associate words (such as "confused" and "unusual" and "experimental") 33 the final part of the design problem of questionnaire, and eventually withdraw 1500 papers from the Internet.
Results show that the respondents attitude to bisexuals are generally negative.Think bisexual "is not a legitimate, reasonable sexual orientation" accounted for nearly 15% of respondents, heterosexual male respondents Especially holding this attitude.Relatively, the female, white, gay and bisexual itself, prejudice and discrimination of bisexual is smaller.Moreover, even in "sexual minority", bisexual also face prejudice - compared with bisexual, their attitude of gay people are significantly more negative feedback.Study also found that, compared with female bisexual, bisexual men suffer more from the rest of the population of the blame.
The mass of bisexual negative attitude to bisexual people's physical and mental health have a negative impact.If bisexual know their sexual orientation is not accepted by peers, they may feel isolated from society, no longer openly talked about this matter with classmates, friends and even family.In the long term, bisexuals may face deep depression and other health problems.

 Michael Peggy (Michael Page) 1998 design for a Bisexual proud flag (Bisexual pride flag).But under the negative evaluation of others, not every bisexual proud for their sexual orientation.Image: wikipedia

Dr. Friedman said: "men and women, bisexual people at the same time facing the prejudice from the gay and straight, humiliation and discrimination, which can lead to bisexual people produce psychological state is isolated and marginalised. Based on previous studies have found that the mental state can lead to a more serious drug use and abuse, depression and high risk behavior, at the same time it can also reduce the bisexual people the detection rate and the treatment of AIDS."
According to the survey, the researchers obtained the data to explain why indeed bisexual people to hide their sexual orientation, this great benefits to eliminate discrimination and prejudice.Friedman adds: "for example, the information is helpful to guide the social marketing intervention and promotion, so as to reduce the discrimination and prejudice for bisexual, improve bisexual group in the current situation of AIDS prevention, detection and treatment." 

Information source: EurekAlert!
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