There is no need to pay DOUBLE to hook up both men and women Promises to Bisexuals: There is no need to pay DOUBLE to hook up both men and women.

Popular bisexual dating platform has issued a statement saying that its users would not be charged double to hook up with both men and women. This came up as a response to another dating website that has decided to charge double if members wish to search for users of both the sexes. has held onto the number one position among dating websites in the United Kingdom for several years. has made it pretty clear that bisexual members would have to create two separate profiles and that would mean purchasing two subscription packs. The issue came into limelight when a bisexual user received a reply from the custom support. On the other hand,, an undisputed leader in the bisexual dating arena is all set to take advantage of this move made by

In fact, in an official statement given by their spokesperson, he said, " We will not be implementing their policies proposed by other websites. will continue with the terms and conditions being used for several years. For now, there are no plans of charging users for dual subscriptions. Our members can pay for a single subscription and search both male and female users." is regarded as the oldest and the number one website for bisexuals. It currently boasts of a membership base of over 810,000 members from all over the world. The spokesperson also said," Our tagline is - Where Bisexuality Grows Wings. And we wouldn't want to cut the wings of our members anytime soon." has been a big name in the bisexual dating industry since over a decade and it is very likely that they would strive to maintain their prestige in the future too. Unlike other websites that allow users of all sexual orientations to join and interact with other users, this website limits membership to bisexuals only. The advantage of this trait is that members find a common interest and can bond with others faster.

With subscription packages starting from as low as $1 a day, this platform is pretty affordable to use. Furthermore, the subscription amount reduces as one opts for a three month or a six month subscription package. On the other hand, the free / standard membership also claims to provide a decent user experience.
The major downside of a free membership that might eventually make users upgrade is the fact that it doesn’t allow sending of emails and instant messages. However, users will still be able to reply to the gold members they have received messages from. is right on track and by keeping things simple for users and going head – on against its competitors, it is all set to grab more users in the coming months.