Bisexuality: I think my new girlfriend is after my man.

The eternal triangle is alive and well in the world. The most common scenario has two women vying for one man, however, in these cases the women will likely have little to no relationship with each other. The man involved will have his ego fly through the roof at least at first. Oh the complex and devious mind of a woman. If he does not choose and quickly he will find himself alone wondering what went wrong. I simply cannot imagine how that can happen.

The melodrama in recent years has taken new twists and turns with women partaking in loving relationships both on an emotional and physical level. Suddenly, the unsuspecting man becomes the target of affection by "the other woman".
I believe these situations are recipes for disaster as now you have a decision that quite literally can affect the rest of your life. There is no fun being in a position where you can lose one or more likely two loving and fulfilling relationships at the same time. You are on a slippery slope that must be resolved immediately. The decision is going to be painful one way or the other.
The best way to alter this dangerous course before it consumes you is to nip it in the bud before it reaches a crisis point. Take it from personal experience. You must stem the flow before it becomes a flood.
About 8 years ago I met and fell head over heals with
a Las Vegas showgirl. She was, to put it mildly, perfect in every way and she knew it. She was ten years younger than I but that did not stop us from having a relationship that was totally fulfilling. My husband made it abundantly clear from the start that she was a superstar. I really was not worried about him making a pass at her but I was still on guard. We never had a threesome to the disappointment of my husband. He was OK with it as long as I was happy. I am lucky. I really do have a keeper.
One night during one of her shows she twisted a knee to the point where her dancing career was about to come to an end. Money issues, especially after she recently purchased a home was going to become a real concern. Slowly and I believe deliberately her attentions began to shift from me to my man. All over a sudden she looked and acted differently toward him. One day when she thought I was not home the phone rang. Guess who? The seemingly innocent conversation with my husband ended with arranging a rendezvous at the gym to workout together. Innocent my butt. It was the last day I ever spoke with. I made it clear no matter how difficult and extremely painful it was to end the relationship. No hesitation. No regrets.
If you have a good man, your soul mate, your confidant and friend, you must protect yourself and your unsuspecting na?ve partner, at all costs. As you all are aware, men think with one hand in his pants. I believe women are blessed with a sixth sense, an instinct that is unshakable. Ninety nine percent of the time your first instinct is the correct one. Do not allow any other issues to get in your way. Your final decision, although difficult, must be made before they have a chance to get to first base. If they reach second base it may already be too late. There are more fish in the sea.
Love and Understanding
Beth has been a "guru" for Bicurious women for over eight years.
She and her husband own and operate, Wild Women Vacations, of Las Vegas, which provides events and vacations catering to the Bi and Bicurious community, in safe and secure environments. Beth grew up in New Orleans, where as a teenager, discovered she was equally attracted to men and women and developed an understanding of her sexuality. She has explored the Bi lifestyle and helped many others come to "find themselves" and feel comfortable with being intimate with both genders.

When dealing with human sexuality the number of issues and relationships are almost endless. The mission of her advice column is to answer many questions women have dealing with their bisexuality.