Bi Sex Tips for First Timers

Bi Sex Tips for First Timers 

1. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss: Kissing is the quintessential erotic art for bisexual women, and like all erotic arts, it is a skill that can be improved upon. Your best teachers are your female lovers and friends—women are more sensual kissers than most men.

Kissing is where the whole game begins. Kissing is an erotic world unto itself, as well as a form of sexual communication between bisexual women. How you kiss telegraphs information about what kind of lover you will be. Being a good kisser will make her want you more.

Particularly fabulous tongue action may get spirits going really fast, especially if you are both doing it for the first time, with each other or in general. Your tongue feels great, so use it wisely. There are a variety of actions you can use to stimulate your partner: kissing or licking her beneath the chin, the neck, and the ear lobe will do wonders for you. Occasionally pressing her up against the wall and giving her a wet French kiss will get her in the mood. No matter where you are,  it is irresistible. In short, surprise each other with hot kisses whenever you get the chance, not just before you jump into bed.
While kissing, try sliding your hands over her ears so your palms form a seal to block out sound. With her eyes closed, this added sensory deprivation serves to heighten her tactile senses and focus her attention, so that your mouth becomes her whole world.

2. Stimulate The Nipples: If you want to
arouse her, you need to know about nipple action. As the most obvious secondary female sex characteristic, breasts are a key part of sexual attraction. Learning how to properly kiss and stimulate the breasts is very important for foreplay and may increase the chance of a woman having an orgasm. In fact, a survey of 200 women showed that 29 percent of women have had an orgasm based solely on breast stimulation.

Every woman prefers different types of stimulation of her nipples. Some like pain, others like gentle licking, and others like non-painful, varying pressure. Some like stimulation only of the nipples. Others enjoy having the entire area around the nipples played with, and some even prefer manipulation of the entire chest, as well as the sensation of having their breasts cupped and fondled.
Nursing is a great sexual stimulant. Breastfeeding (nursing) is also referred to as "suckling." Breasts, and especially nipples, are highly erogenous zones for women. Start by gently flicking your tongue gently over your lover's nipple; slowly begin sucking it, as if you were breastfeeding. This will arouse your partner in a profound way and easily bring her to climax, depending on your level of skill. Unintended milk flow is often caused by nipple stimulation and it is possible to reach normal milk production simply by constantly suckling on your lover's breast. Nipple stimulation of any sort is noted in reducing the chance of breast cancer, so it's a very healthy act to do before you get to "business."

3. Give Great Tongue Action: Women tend to experience a special bond during cunnilingus that is unlike anything they feel with a man. Knowing the effect of each stroke may have something to do with it. Women also tend to use a lighter, softer touch than men do. They can be gentle to an extent that only women can understand and really know when to turn it on down the home stretch. Many women experience orgasms of far greater length and intensity. And with two women at play, stamina never becomes an issue. While you'll both be tempted to lie in the eternal bliss of non-stop 69, it's good to take the time to both give and receive during your lovemaking.

Locate the base of her clit with the tip of your tongue and begin tracing slow circles around the base; your tongue will frequently be rubbing against the sides and tip of her clit as you circle, greatly adding to her pleasure. Vary the speed as you go, taking her through several waves of pleasure, always increasing the speed. Around and around and around you go: when she gets off, you're sure to know.

4. Have fun, read, and educate yourself: Just as you read about your favorite hobby, so you should also read about sex. Learn how to please your partner and give her a better time in bed and outside of it: read, read, read and practice.