Bisexual Dating: Fulfill Your Fantasy to Be with Another Woman

Here's some solid advice to help you fulfill your fantasy about being with another woman.

Maybe the urge to be with another woman has been there for a long time or maybe you discovered it after watching some steamy sex scenes on cable t.v., but now your curiosity is keeping you wondering what it would be like.

Keep in mind that there are differences in approaching a woman based on whether she is lesbian, bisexual, or bi-curious. There are also differences in the overall experience of being with a woman depending on their sexual orientation. Sex with another woman can be super hot and like nothing you have ever imagined. It's not like you’ve seen depicted in some “straight” girl-on-girl porn flick that you may have watched with your boyfriend.

Where to stakx140rt? Your experience with another woman will vary dramatically, depending on the “type” and sexual orientation of the woman you choose. If you are the submissive type, look for someone who is more of an aggressive type take-charge woman.

You will have to be a bit assertive and engage in some conversations to feel your way around a bit. Chatting online to get your feet warmed up can be a good idea, if you fiind another woman who is serious about actually meeting in person. Going to local lesbian night clubs can increase your odds of finding an interested woman.

You can also attend events geared towards the LGBT community. If you attend an event and meet someone that interests you and later you meet up for a drink, it’s ok to tell her that you have not been with a woman or whatever your situation is. Honesty is the best policy in any relationship.

You may want to refrain from actually using the term “bi-curious” since it does have a negative connotation.  Being honest is important, but there are multiple ways of expressing your situation without causing someone to pass judgment on you before they have the opportunity to get to know you as a person.

If you decide to join an online women's dating site, like, you should write exactly what you are looking for and be honest about your bi-curiosity. Put up a profile picture, describe yourself physically, and describe the type of woman you are seeking; age, body type, etc. Indicate that you are looking to actually meet someone. Having a complete profile and maintaining an active membership will let other members know you are serious about meeting in person. Don't give out personal contact information, like your address, until you've developed a rapport with another member and feel you've gotten to know her somewhat.

Survival Tips. If you find a woman that captures your attention, you already have some things in common, such as doing hair, nails, shopping and other girly things. Invite her for a drink at a sexy restaurant. Keep it short initially to see if there is a connection and if things go well, you can roll it right into a sexy dinner. I would avoid a “straight bar” environment since you will most likely spend part of your time fielding off guys.

If you do want to go for a drink, stick to the gay/lesbian neighborhoods or a restaurant that has a nice lounge/cocktail area. If this all goes well, the next “date” should be spent doing a longer activity, such as a day spa or shopping at a nice venue. If you spend some time talking in between, you may even step it up and plan a weekend getaway to fast track your sexual experience if you both know you are totally into each other. If you are more into sports than the bar scene, meeting up for an activity that engages you both physically could be a good option.

If you meet from an online ad, follow the three step process. Exchange a few emails, have one or two phone conversations, then meet up for a short first encounter (about an hour), such as meeting for coffee, tea, drinks, etc. This way if for some reason it’s not working out, you both have an easy out without creating an awkward moment. Do not spend months of emails and phone conversations. You want to make sure you are attracted to her in person and ensure she is really who she says she is. Online dating is a great option, but be smart and a bit cautious.

If you meet your lady in person randomly, you most likely already know you are physically attracted to each other. After exchanging numbers and speaking on the phone, it's okay to jump into something longer than coffee or drinks, such as lunch or dinner. Steer clear from going to a movie for the first date, since it prevents you from actually talking and getting to know each other. If, however, you are shy, a movie may be a good way to warm up to each other, spend some time together and work your way up gradually to more conversation. If all goes well and you feel comfortable, you can then follow the movie with drinks or dinner.

Go for it. The above are just some examples of the potential dynamics to think about. It may be a lot to consider, but your goal should be to make your first girl on girl experience all that it can be. So ladies, stop just fantasizing about it; get out there and go for it. There are plenty of women out there who will be more than willing to help you explore your interests. Whatever the outcome, you will both get to share something exciting, sexy, and fun and in these economic conditions, fulfilling some of our fantasies and exploring new feelings can lessen our day to day stresses. Explore your options and get to know who you are, but be honest with yourself and whomever you meet.