7 Steps to Giving Great Oral Pleasure to a Woman

My lesbian friends are some of the luckiest women I know. They have told me many times that until I've received oral sexy from another woman, I haven't really experienced it. They say that no one knows how to perform cunnilingus like another girl. I’m not sure about that, but I do know that over the years, some of the guys I’ve been with should have brought a road map. They had no clue what they were doing, and that wasn’t much fun for me.

So guys and ladies, if you’re not sure what to do down there, you had better read this article. If you haven’t made your partner’s toes curl and nipples harden because of your technique, you need to learn these seven steps to give great oral sex to a woman.

Step 1

Begin the session by kissing, stroking and fondling her whole body until she is very aroused. Yes, her whole body contains erogenous zones that need to be caressed and sensitized to begin with. Do not touch her labia or clitoris at all during this stage. Stay focused on getting her oohing and ahhing over the sensation of your touch. Once she’s excited, she can lay back and spread her legs with her knees up or spread like a "V" to allow you easy access to her genitals. Once she’s comfortable, kneel or lie between her legs in a comfortable position, with your hands free and your face up close to her genitals.

Step 2

Gently part her labia (lips) and while holding her lips open, lift the clitoral hood. If her clitoris is back inside of the hood, gently run your fingers along the sides of the hood to expose the clitoris.

Step 3

Wet your lips and lick the tissue along the sides, above and below the clitoris with long, broad and gentle tongue strokes. This area around the clitoris has hundreds of nerve endings that connect to the love button. For added variation, bring a mini massager and alternate it with your tongue.

Step 4

Experiment with your tongue strokes and pay particular attention to her responses. Vary the amount of pressure you apply as well as the speed of your licking. Her moans will tell you what she likes. If you can’t tell, just ask her what she likes best. Talk to her in a soothing, sensual tone.

Step 5

Put your lips around the sides of her clitoris and gently suck on the area. Start licking the surrounding tissue and then alternate between licking and light sucking actions.

Step 6

Try directly licking the clitoris to see if she likes it. Not all women like the intense stimulation from direct clitoral contact. If she likes it, start licking and use your hands to gently caress and rub other areas of her body. Pay attention to inner thighs and nipples. These are two common erogenous zones in women.

Step 7

Cover the entire clitoral shaft with your mouth. Gently suck and stroke her clitoris with your mouth and tongue. At this point, don’t move your mouth from her clitoris until she has reached orgasm. If you can, look up at her and make eye contact to show her how much you enjoy giving her pleasure.
As a woman, I have fond memories of guys who were great at performing cunnilingus. So if you want to give your partner great oral pleasure, I strongly suggest you try these oral techniques. I have experienced these exact moves and I love them! I’m sure the woman in your life will love them, too. When you give such intense pleasure to a woman, she will be more excited about you, have intense feelings towards you, feel cared for, wanted, sexy and ready to please you.

If you successfully master these seven techniques, you will have one satisfied, happy, sexually charged woman on your hands. What more could you ask for? Try it today or tonight and you'll see what I mean. Forget about blowing in her ear to get her to follow you anywhere.