Glee's Portrayal of the Bisexual Female - Is this fair to us bi girls?

I've been watching this show for 4 years and still can't get over how badly portrayed bisexuals are in movies, on tv and everywhere else. Only the bad stuff is focused on, with her and with the bi celeb girls. Why do they have to pick on us every time? Don't we have enough to deal with, without the media and ignorant straights and gays and lesbians working us over, too?

We are just regular people, like everyone else. Once we get through the fog and get a handle on who we are, bi women are the most together, sympathetic, loving, caring people. Wouldn't that be nice if once they could have a character on SOME show where the bi girl was a together girl? I really loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, because, even though she had her "issues" she was confident, capable and took control of her life and didn't let herself be manipulated into despair and self destruction. I hope there are more like her in the Hollywood scripts so we can cheer on the girls who have overcome such huge obstacles in life and figured out how to cope, manage their lives and be happy with themselves no matter what anyone else thinks. To hell with the haters and the ignoramuses that talk out of their asses and not only are clueless, but bigoted and prejudice against bisexuals for no other reason I can think of but that we're different than them. Bi girls rock! If you're bi, be proud of yourself and don't let anyone manipulate you into living a quiet life of desperation, following someone else's rules for life. You only get one life so don't waste it giving in to others because when your life is over, you'll be full of regret and emptiness.
As for Brittany, the bisexual actor who plays her should think twice about what she's putting out there and how it is impacting society and the treatment of bisexual women.

What do you think about how bisexual women are portrayed through this Fox tv show? I'm curious what other members think about this and if it bothers you.