Bisexual Dating: The First Lesson:About Bisexual

    bi·sex·u·al 【bisexual definition

    adjective /bīˈsekSHo͞oəl/
    1. Sexually attracted to both men and women
    2. Having characteristics of both sexes
    noun /bīˈsekSHo͞oəl/   bisexuals, plural 
    1. A person who is sexually attracted to both men and women

A person who may be sexually or emotionally attracted to 
either men or women;
woman who may relate sexually or emotionally to 
either men or woman.
We call the man bisexual.

Straight people love bisexuals,
which may explain why most bisexuals identify as straight.

Are you Bisexual or not ? 
What is your opinion about Bisexual ? 
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