Bisexual community: Being Different


I'm bisexual, of course. Why else would I be here? And for anybody else who's bisexual, you know what I'm talking about when I say it's hard to be different. When you're discreet, nobody cares that you exist. When you're open about it, everybody seems to hate you. But really, people, is it really that much of a sin to make yourself different from the boring norm and love another human being, whatever sex they may be? 

I am the very definition of different when compared to the world I live in! I'm pretty much the opposite of sexy, I support the use of pot, I'm Buddhist, I have good reasons why polygamy is okay, most of the music I love is much older than I am, I love the frightening artwork of H.R. Giger as much as I love the most beautiful images of nature, I love cartoons more than I love live-action shows (yet I can't stand Japanese anime) so much so that I'm making it a career goal to be an animator, and, of course, I'm bisexual! But does that make me an evil person, when I am also smart, loving, funny and open-minded to all the people I meet who treat me as nicely? Society seems to think so! 

Who else here agrees that nobody should be afraid of being openly different in this world of ours?! Anybody? Come on, let's here some voices, people! Don't be afraid to point out your differences and eccentricities! What makes you wierd, huh? Whatever it is, say it and embrace it!

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