Bisexual member's article: How did you discover you were bi?

I'm a new member, and also a new bisexual. I found out/discovered/realized I was bi about a week ago. What a trip. I've been lurking through the site, talking to a bisexual friend of mine, and generally been trying to reacquaint myself with my sexuality, and found(I'm sure not surprisingly) that the more I talk about it, the better/more comfortable I feel.

I don't know if it's a common thing or not, but I pretty much found out within the span of two minutes. See, I've lived up until this point thinking I was straight, and having a pretty good time of it. It's just that every few months or so, I'd have a homoerotic dream, or maybe see a guy and wonder what it'd be like to be in bed with him. I figured that everyone thought that every now and then, and brushed the dreams off as weird dreams. They were still disconcerting, and I'd be a little anxious until I'd see my g/f again or something, and have my heterosexual desires reinforced.

Finally I had another dream last week, was feeling really weird, and did some soul-searching. After a bit, it occurred to me I could be bisexual. But how to be sure? One can't base something like this on dreams alone.

So I thought it would be pretty straightforward to try and masturbate and focus on boys this time(did I mention I was a guy? I'm a guy.) Well, let me tell you that's a fast realization. I was elated, and confused, and relieved all at the same time.

And the ensuing days have all been kind of like that, too. It's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride. I'd be fine one minute, anxious the next, then happy. Things have been calming down as they go on and I get more used to the idea, though.

I mean, I know things won't feel normal right away, but is it partly because I didn't have any length of time where I just didn't know, and had time to prepare myself that I wasn't straight? Is it the shock of just finding out so fast? Has anyone else found out like that? What was it like for you?