Bisexual Dating Advice: 7 Ways to Get a Better Response Rate On Bisexual Dating Site

You've joined so now what? You obviously want to meet another bi girl and swingers, preferably within driving distance, but where do you start? Right here.When dating online, a few tips remain true no matter what site you are on. By following these rules, your experience will be more satisfying because you will actually get to talk to a few more people than you would otherwise.

Here are 7 tips I have learned that have gotten me a 90% response rate (and I'm not even all that good looking)
1) Check the date of last login. Focus on those who have been recently logged in. They are more likely still "available" and still hoping to meet that right person.
2) Check to see who has viewed you. They are are live, active people who just might not be able to initiate an email. but something drew them to your profile. In sales, they would call them a "warm lead".
3) Be respectful in your email. If you need an explanation, the rest of this article won't help you.
4) Read you email out loud. You need to hear how silly it sounds. it will also help you find the typos. If you can read it aloud and still want to send it, you are probably doing well.
5) mention something she actually wrote in her profile and talk about it.
6) make sure your picture shows you participating in some hobby you enjoy. It gives them an idea of your personality.
7) Write an honest email. Don't copy and paste a form letter. You would think this doesn't have to be said, but it does.
You can follow these rules on any site, paid or unpaid and dramatically increase your response rate. Thank me later!