First Time Bi Sex - A Strange Beginning

It was a wonderful weekend when I went over to my girlfriend’s house for a swim… They where pretty wealthy and I was from a working class family… She, Angela, was the most popular girl in school, long blonde hair, perfect looks, magnificently long legs… Anyway… I was at her house for the afternoon and we swam and splashed each other as you do in a pool situation… 

When we got out I dried myself with my towel, which wasn’t that big, more like a bath towel, then I tried to lay it down so I could ly on it.. But my hair was in the grass at one end and so was my feet at the other….
Angela said … hey share my towel which was of a huge blanket size … so I rolled of my little raggy thing onto her cushioned, magnificent towel…
We talked about boys, and neither of us had had one, both virgins… so it was a pretty giggly sort of arvo… anyway, we lay there and chatted…  It was time for some afternoon munchies, so Angela went and got some, cheese, olives and some honey…
Being a bit daring and no one home we decided after a lot of giggling  to sun bake nude.
We lay there, talked, imagined what a boy would be like and pondered on… as we ate our munchies, a lot of crumbs accumulated in our belly area, so as we sat up, I accidently squirted some of the honey onto Angela, and it landed right on her girl bit.
Unbeknown to us was a beautiful dog called Angus, and as we sat up he wandered over and started to lick the crumbs from Angelas tummy, so in Jest she lay down… but as some of the honey had dribbled down into her special, brand new, never used bit, the dog decided to seek out the honey.  
As this commenced Angela was rather embarrassed, but as she started to enjoy  it she lay on her back and we both laughed… It wasn’t soon before I could see Angelas face starting to rithe as the dog was starting to get close to her girly bits… soon, I had to intercede and shoo the dog away, but in doing so, and still being naked, Angela, pulled and hugged me very strangely… I then felt her hand directing my hand to her special spot… !st time for me to even consider that , but I could tell she was female wet….
We cuddled and discussed the situation and  tried to be adult about this, but Angela slowly pushed my head down to her wet spot… I wasn’t sure what to do, so I kissed the inside of her leg all the way to her toes, sucked her toes and then travelled up the other leg.  By this time her legs where pulled right up over her head, and spread as far as you can spread them, she gently directed me to her gravy, which was abundant, and for the 1st time I discovered the flavour of a Lady… My God it is wonderful, especially when it is offered freely with love….
It all seemed like nature had taken its course.. she was wide spread, I had sensed the sexual moment, so delicately, I tasted her… My god… what an experience…. Could a man be as good as this, (Being Virgins) I soon got into the rhythm of gently massaging her clit with my tongue, I sucked and enjoyed every drop of juice she had….
Surprisingly, she awoke from her deliverance, and said turn around, Let me taste you… now this was unexpected, but I had juice dribbling down my leg..
She gently took my bottom, put both her arms around it and softly pulled me into he face, where my 1st and probably best explosion ever happened…