EMO Girls: Bisexual Hip Fashion

If you already know all about being an 'emo bisexual girl', you probably ARE one. If some of your favorite bands are Rights of Spring, Embrace, you loved Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional, or you think "screamo" rocks, you have it nailed. For the rest of you, here's what it takes to be counted among the 'emo girl bisexual hip' trend setters.

First let's look at the hair: to be authentically "emo", you should have your hair professionally layered with side or long bangs that cover your eyes. For variety you can tease it and straighten it of course. Most emo girls dye their hair a lot. The most common colors are black or bleach blond. If you're too scared to start out that extreme, but want to give it a go anyway, use the 4-6 week hair color from Ulta or Hot Topic. Many claim the best hair dye is from Manic Panic. You'll need some hairspray and other styling products to create a look you like. Remember, it is your hair, so make it uniquely "you". Try flipping your bangs if you like.

Secondly make sure you get the right Makeup: The "emo" look focuses heavily on the eyes. The 1960s "cat eye" look is basically resurrected here so use a thick layer of eye-liner on the top of the lid, and under the lash line on the bottom of your eyes. Use dark eye shadows to create a darker coloring around the eye. Don't spare the brushes and the color here. Go for a dramatic look. You can use a foundation two shades lighter than your normal skin tone for your face. However, a word of caution - don't go too light! Pale faces are typically characteristic of the "Goth" look, which ISN'T "emo" at all.

Next on the list is to fill your closet with a good selection of "emo" fashion clothing. Translated that means, skinny jeans and band t-shirts (of "emo" bands, of course!) will make up most of your outfits. Try to get them directly from the bands' web store or from District Lines because they give more money to the band (part of the point). Some good clothing brand suggestions are Criminal Damage, Iron Fist, Hell Bunny, or Green day and Poison Industries. Note: Hot Topic takes a large cut from the sales, giving the bands less money. The jeans can be found at Old Navy, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Pacsun, and Macy's. The best color for the jeans is black or some other dark color...Boy or girl pants will do. Have a plain black hoodie or band hoodie handy to slip on when you get cold. If you live where it snows, go with the puffy jacket look.

Next let's look at shoes: Every "emo" girl needs the basic classic black and white or black and black high-top Converse All Stars. Also acceptable are black slip ons or classic Vans in any dark color. You can customize your shoes (because again you are unique) by writing band lyrics on them with Wite-out, or changing out the laces for neon colored green and pink or whatever you want. I've heard tell that a few courageous "emos" have even been seen wearing Nike's, but I don't believe it.

No look is complete without the right accessories: Hair bows, wristbands, jelly bracelets, black and white/silver studded belts, neon shoelaces, band pins, safety pins, wristbands, grenades, guns, brass knuckles. Use your imagination here and scout out your favorite retail stores for just the right things to reflect your individual feel and appeal.

To complete the total look, the typical emo girl is underweight, skinny (gotta fit into those skinny jeans, right?) and slightly if not totally anorexic. If you are a little suicidal that sort of fits in with the feel of the "emo" girl too, but it totally isn't necessary.

And last, but not least, emo girls are usually both bisexual and pretty. Why? I don't know. They just are. Next time you see one, and now you can identify them fairly easily, ask her. Maybe she'll tell you. Maybe she won't hear you because she'll be listening to her favorite "emo" band with her ipod plugged into her ears. Oh, and "emo" girls are so plugged in - they all are into social media and phone texting, messaging and web surfing. So now you know what emo girls are. What's your favorite emo band? If your head starts spinning with all the choices and you can't decide, you're an emo girl, totally. If you don't know what an emo band is, well, don't sweat it. We can't all be "emo" now, can we?