Why Men Pose as Bisexual Women Online

Recent studies of "bisexual women" online prove that on most dating sites and social networking sites many of the women you meet are actually men posing as bi women. (Not BiCupid, where we verify.) In fact, Facebook reports that up to 70% of the bi girls on their site are men!

Why do men do this?

Recent studies, conducted by social research and dating site operators, give us some insight.
It usually has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has to do with sexual excitement and fantasy.
Being online and anonymous gives you the freedom to do, be, and say anything you want. Think about some of the things you've said to people online. Would you speak that way in real life? Maybe in your case the answer is yes, but many people use their newfound freedom to act in a manner that they wouldn't dare in real life. Some believe that it's okay for you to pretend you're the other sex, or a bisexual woman, to throw people off of your real identity.
Let me give you an example of a man who pretended to be a woman, a lesbian woman, who was found out. The lesbian news site Lez Get Real was the source of a person known as the "Gay Girl from Damascus". This "gay girl" made many posts, blog entries and comments as a lesbian woman. The real name of this "gay girl" is Tom MacMaster, a heterosexual married man in the U.S.
But wait! There's more!
The editor of that same site turned out to be another straight man named Bill Graber, using the guise of his wife's identity. Okay, so what is going on here? Both men were posing as lesbians on the site and actually interacting with each other. Do you think each knew the other was a fake or was he completely unaware, since he was also fake? How weird is this?
So how does this impact real lesbians on that site? Thinking they are interacting with lesbians, but they are really just straight men posing as lesbians, has got to be messing with their minds!
Think of the implications. Men posing as lesbians or bisexual women can post opinions, views and perhaps silence the real bi girls and lesbians from voicing their real opinions. That's one possible reason for men doing this sort of weirdness. The other, of course, is that it somehow turns them on in their own twisted minds, to pretend and have no one know that they are not women.
In any case, it is at the very least creeping me out to think that if I go on a site where there is no verification of members, I may be wasting my time and energy talking to a guy! I can feel in my body how surreal it is that there is this virtual reality thing where people can so easily pretend to be what they're not.
Are there online conditions under which the lies that these two straight men told - simply wouldn't fly? If so what are those conditions? Is there something nagging in the back of a woman's mind when she reads things written by men, whereby her female instincts automatically reject the comments? I don't know. There are telltale signs of manliness: aggression, anger, focus on women's bodies instead of their personhood, lack of real empathy regarding the experience of the issues - I don't know if that can serve as a litmus test or not.
So if you are cruising the internet, choosing dating sites and women's sites, bisexual, lesbian or otherwise, beware if there is no verification process for the members. Realize that without any verification, a man can easily pose as a woman and pretend to empathize with you, while asking your boob size or if you like it this way or that.
BiCupid is the bisexual dating site where bisexual women can let their hair down, speak freely and feel comfortable, knowing that members ARE verified and men posing as women are booted off the site immediately.
Be careful out there on the web. Remember that online people are not always what they claim to be or what they seem to be. Stick to sites where verification is a requirement. How else can you propose to develop a real relationship with another woman, with the hopes of meeting her in real life and experiencing a friendship or loving relationship?