Older-Younger Bisexual Relationships

The Older/Younger Combination

Surprisingly, there is a definite romantic quality in an older/younger bisexual relationship between two women. This sexy chemistry can be accelerated and heightened especially when the two are in different stages of life.

One example is the successful, empowered, mentoring career woman and the younger, up-and-coming career newbie, degree in hand coupled with an enthusiastic desire to learn, develop her skills and grow. 

The two coming from different worlds and different experience levels, seem to gravitate towards each other like magnets, with each desiring what the other has.
Personally, I have always been especially fascinated with older women. When I was just a teenager I tried dating women in their mid twenties to early thirties. Now that I'm in my twenties, I am drawn to women up into their forties.
I used to think that the likelihood of finding a solid relationship with another bisexual woman was higher with an older, attractive woman, rather than a fellow co-ed in the lecture hall. After all, the girl next to me in class is probably not ready to be serious about much of anything, in my book.
As it turned out, I have been right in most cases, at least in my experiences. If I plotted all my experiences on a graph, it would create an upward trend to a point. For one, the older the woman I slept with, the more fun we had in bed together. That of course is a big factor for me in my continued desire to date older women. Great sex is a great motivator. However, it's not the only consideration, so we'll look at more.
Due to their worldliness, experience in society and understanding about life, older women are usually more confident and carry themselves with a certain air, which I find very attractive. No clingy, insecure, dependence to deal with. And the drama quotient is lower, too.
I find the emotional connection very refreshing. Older women seem to have a better skill set for communicating what they want, who they are and how they see you. The guessing game of what is this, and where is it going, is usually not necessary. It allows for a more relaxed, sensuous overall experience. I appreciate the exposure to different foods, life experiences, events and cultural perspectives as well. These differences further enhance the relationship, rather than detracting from it. How thrilling to be learning something new every time we get together; be it conversationally, sexually, culturally, or otherwise. Girls my age know what I know and do what I do. Not very exciting if you ask me.

The Older/Younger Seduction

The subtle seduction of an older woman once she decides she likes me is especially erotic and sensual. Showing she likes me by how she behaves and dropping visual cues with her body language adds to the anticipation of her declaration that she's interested.
I see their hints juicier as compared to their verbal declarations. For example, just one time, I met up with a particular lady whom I met at a social gathering. She was almost forty and I was twenty-three. We met for some coffee in the afternoon at a place that had cozy lounging couches. At first we were all polite and proper, but after a few minutes, we found ourselves inching closer to one another, thoroughly checking each other out as we chatted.
She was attractive and well maintained for her age. She obviously took good care of herself and looked more like she was in her late twenties. I kept staring at her face as it was quite beautiful and youthful.
She picked right up on my stares and I was electrified by her reciprocal ‘looks’ and periodic seductive laughter. I was hooked.
If you're a younger girl wanting to date older women, you probably wonder what you have to offer in the relationship. After all, she has the worldliness, the talent, experience and know how. But you have the eagerness, the freshness, the hunger for new experiences. Energy, spontaneity and enthusiasm are a very desirable combination which an older woman just loves! Your attitude and fresh approach to things are infectious and can be the perfect contribution to the relationship to get those sparks flying and energy flowing back and forth. Moreover, your adoration towards her will clinch the deal and provide you both with the desirable qualities you need to blossom in your relationship.
Don't worry about what other people say or do. You will see how amazing it can be when you choose a bisexual woman who isn't the same as you, but can offer what you want in a relationship, but didn't know where to find it. At least that's how it has worked out for me. If you've never been with an older woman and you're young, or if you're older and have never been with a younger bisexual woman, I suggest you give it a try. Just get ready to be amazed and enticed, seduced and adored. Sounds pretty good to me!