I'm not new to being bisexual i've been bi for 3 years

I'm not new to being bisexual i've been bi for 3 years now. Its nothing different really than a normal life why let anyone else change it? Your the same person you were before. Your not any different and no one should look at you or make you feel that way. Im here to offer support to anyone who needs it. Just shoot me a message and ill reply once i get on. People are mean and judgemental but thats really just life it wont get any different and it wont change yyou just half to deal with people and learn to ignore them. Honestly if they make you feel like a jerk for what you are then they are jealous that they are courageous enough to say what you have or do what you are doing. They feel incompetant to themselves so they make you feel like you are less than what you are. Everyone is amazing in their own ways they are beautiful and no one can change it. You are what you believe you are. So Just think to yourself I am Me and im proud of that? right? Thats what i try and say every day but most people are like yah right i can't be happy with this going on which i understand. it hurts let yourself heal pick yourself back up off the ground and keep on fighting be proud of who you are because even though im not the most popular person i dont have many friends i am really proud of the person i came to be.