Finding Another Bisexual Woman Near Me

Okay, as co-founder of, I get a lot of questions about "finding a bisexual girl near me" from members. I am truly surprised by some of the expectations of members who live in rural areas, where the population is very low. I'm talking about places with a lot of open land, maybe farm land, or barren desert, where there are not a lot of inhabitants.

Why do people expect everything to be at their fingertips? Maybe it's the "microwave mentality" so pervasive in our society. I want it "hot and now". No effort, no waiting, no work. Why does anyone expect anything in life to be that way, much less finding another bisexual woman who not only is appealing, pretty - dare we say, ready to do whatever we want and willing to travel to our location to do it? To use Saturday Night Live's popular Weekend Update News phrase, "Really?" I mean, would YOU be willing to go through all that to meet someone? Obviously not because you're complaining that someone else isn't there to do that for you.

Here's the thing, ladies. Finding someone special, whether it's a guy or a bisexual woman, is NOT as easy as making microwave popcorn (which I love, by the way). You don't open the wrapper, lay it in the microwave and push the popcorn button. We WISH it were that easy, but it's not.

It takes effort! You have to look through MANY members to find someone who interests you to begin with. You have to message them. Sometimes MANY times. You have to WAIT to hear back from them. You may even have to get in your car and drive a few miles to MEET with them. Yes, I said it! You will have to work for it.

If you think there is something magical about registering as a member here, like bisexual women are going to rain from the sky, down on you, you're in La La Land. My father used to say something that really applies here. "Anything worthwhile doesn't come easy."

There are many, many bisexual women here who have successfully found another bisexual woman who meets their requirements. Yes, we have a long list of happy bi girls who have found a compatable match for them. Some have traveled from Las Vegas to Florida to make that happen. And none of them would change a thing. I even convinced one brave soul to blog about her experience in finding another bisexual woman here. But don't expect miracles without any foot work on your part.

So to those who say "there's no one in my area" I ask you, did you expect to find a bisexual woman next door to you? Really? If you want to find someone, you have to look and look and work at it. I'll tell you, it will be worth all the time and effort you expend. You will be really glad you went that extra mile and sent those messages, chatted with her and dug through the member list to find her. Just be realistic about it.

Rome wasn't built in a day. And a romance or a friends with benefits, girlfriend thang or whatever you have in mind, won't happen unless you make it happen. So roll up those sleeves and get started. You'll be so glad you did.