Naked, bisexual, dating a hot Italian: Zoe Saldana

You've never seen Uhura like this! Star Trek Into Darkness star Zoe Saldana has stripped off for the latest issue of American Allure, posing for photographer Tom Munro is just jeans and her arm strategically placed across her breasts.
Looks like she's moved on from Bradley Cooper, too, and is romancing Italian artist Marco Perego. Saldana finally called off her on/off relationship with Cooper in January, and was spotted last week cuddling with ex-footballer Marco at a private party in LA. "They looked very close and were seen kissing," The New York Post heard from one source.
The news comes just after the world learned that Saldana could be bisexual. She tells Allure in her cover story coming out next week, "I might end up with a woman raising my children. That's how androgynous I am."
When asked if she's ever experimented with another woman, she says, "Promise me one thing... if you choose to... ask this question (in the magazine), just put three dots as my response. That's it.''
Saldana's statement has sent fan fantasy into warp drive, forcing her to clarify the interview on the Today TV show, stating, "What was important for me is to get out that whatever I decide to do with my sexual preference will be my prerogative and my right.
"As of now I've been attracted to the male species. I don't know if that will continue but if one day I wake up and feel differently about who I find attractive I will do that and I will be supported and loved by those that support and love me."

Zoe split from her fiancee-entrepreneur Keith Britton who she still shares a business with-in 2011 after 11 years together, and began dating Bradley after meeting him on the set of their thriller The Words. They lasted three months before breaking up in March last year, then reunited in September, and then ended it a second time just before Christmas.
Zoe reckons she's never been in love for real because she bounces back so quickly from a broken heart, admitting that she's always healed fairly well after a bad romance.
She told Latina magazine, "I feel [heartache]. I allow myself to feel it. Of course everyone around me will notice how [a break-up] made me feel, but I tend to recover very easily…"
"When I lose, when my heart is broken, when I lose a competition, when I don't get something, when something doesn't go my way or I have a heartbreak or whatever, maybe it's just the kind of person that I am, or maybe I haven't really fallen in love yet, had that crash boom bam in my life yet, but I tend to recover... healthy and smoothly," she said.
Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actress of Dominican and Puerto Rican parentage insists she never wants to rely on a man even though she's not against relationships, saying, "I don't want to need things. I need water, you know what I'm saying? I need to exercise, I need to eat."
"To be with a man, should be a want," she said. "The people that I do need are just family... But a man is something that I want, I want to be with a partner, because this partner is going to add or I'm going to add to this partner."