Married Bisexual : 25 reasons to stay married

I saw this and thought i would share: 25 reasons to stay married. (I did not stay married myself, lol!)

25. I like having an excuse not to go out with sleazy people from work.
24. What better birth control is there than not sleeping with my husband?
23. Everyone else thinks I'm happy...including my husband.
22. I'm more attractive to men because I'm taken.
21. My boyfriend is cheating on his wife with me, and therefore would not make a good husband.
20. My husband is more intimidating to would-be home invasion robbers than I am.
19. My husband fixes things around the house that would be expensive to pay someone todo.
18. Complaining about my husband gives me something to talk about with others.
17. I’m so mentally unstable he might actually get sole custody of the kids.
16. My schedule is too hectic for the court appearances.
15. It’s easier and cheaper to just ignore my husband than pay for counseling or a lawyer.
14. No one else will deal with all the crap I put my husband through.
13. I’ve already got my husband trained. Why should someone else benefit from all my hard work?
12. He’s warm and winters are cold at night.
11. STDs…
10. A divorcee in her 30s with a kid isn’t too marketable.
9. Someone else might make me actually do housework.
8. I’ll have to split our possessions, while right now they’re all mine.
7. It’s too much work to get back in shape, buy new clothes, and find a new guy.
6. My husband might change.
5. I need more of my husband’s money than I would get from child support.
4. I wouldn’t do well as a single parent.
3. I have too much debt.
2. I’m old.
1. God hates divorce. (It’s hard to beat this one…)

My addition is: "The devil you know....."