Long Distance Relationships

You are a bisexual woman. You join BiCupid and meet a special friend. Online you can meet many different and interesting people. Some you will really get to like and others you won't be too sure about.

When dating online, you can end up chatting regularly to a particular person, maybe because you feel you have a lot in common or maybe you feel that you just "click".

You can spend months talking to someone and almost feel as though you know her, and missing a day talking to her may make your life feel a little empty. Maybe you text regularly too and are always excited to hear from her. You want to know what she's up to and make small talk. But what if your new chat girlfriend lives far away? What about distance? What if the person you really like isn't local, but a considerable distance away? Maybe in another city altogether, or another state? What do you do? Stay friends? Allow the relationship to progress? There is a lot to consider.

If you've only chatted online but frequently and feel a connection, take the next step and spend some phone time with her to get to know as much as possible about her. This is a critical step to deciding whether to actually meet her in person.
Before you really get involved in a long distance relationship with her, ask yourself the following questions. If you
can't manage a long distance relationship, it's probably best not to get emotionally involved in the first place. It may save you a lot of heartache in the long run.
Questions to Ask Yourself at the very beginning:

- Could you cope with only seeing your partner on weekends, every two weeks or once a month?

- Could you trust your partner enough to leave her for such periods before seeing her again?

- Is she trustworthy, genuine and honest?

- Can you afford the travelling costs involved in seeing someone with that distance between you?

- How long are you prepared to see your partner before you decide you want to move in with her, if that's your plan?

- If you do decide you want to live with this person, are you prepared to move, or is she prepared to move?

- What does she want long term? Does she want the same as you or is she happy with a long distance relationship and seeing you once a week or intermittently?

- Even if you get along very well seeing each other once a week, would the relationship change or be much different if one of you were prepared to make the move and live together? If it would change, would it be a change for the better?

If you answered "no" to most of these questions, or are unable to answer any of them, then maybe you want to reconsider the idea of meeting someone who lives far away from you. Looking closer for a suitable partner may be a better decision. Whatever you decide this needs to be considered at the very beginning before you get emotionally involved with someone via online dating, messenger, telephone, or text. Otherwise you might be headed for heartache. Avoid the heartache by thinking things through and being realistic about your situation.

Many members have successfully met on BiCupid, while living in different states, and managed to arrange to meet, get to know each other and develop a relationship. It can and does happen. If you feel a serious connection with another member, don't let the fact that she lives somewhere else stop you from getting to know her. Just be mindful and remember that there are a lot of things to consider when you have a long distance relationship. It can be very exciting and fun!