How did you come out as bisexual?

Just out of curiousity, how did all of you come out to your friends and family? Or, I suppose I should ask, have you came out yet? And do you ever plan to? How did they react? Do you ever regret your decision to tell them?

Case 1 

The only person in my life that knows is my Hubby. I'm not ready for the questions and redicule etc that would follow if I told my family and friends plus I figure if I tecnically don't have a relationship with anyone there is nothing to come out to I'm just a bi-curious female ;) I guess I'm just not ready i've only come out to myself and hubby about 6 months ago so we are still learning ourselves.

Case 2 

I tried to come out to my mother in middle school when I was confused and questioning. She didn't take it seriously at all, calling it a "phase" that I'd eventually grow out of. Over ten years later and my feelings haven't changed. If anything, they've gotten stronger.

She found out I was bisexual
purely by accident about a year ago. I was doing an intake appointment for a counselor when my sexuality was brought up. It took me by surprise and my mom knew it. Later in the car she asked me to confirm, and I did. Thankfully, she was far more supportive this time around and even offered to go to Pride fest with me this past summer to show her support.

I'm out explicitly to a couple of friends. It's tough to pick the right time to let the rest of them know. I guess I won't have to explain anything if I show up to dinner or a party with a girlfriend. :D 

Case 3

It really does, ellis. I wish I could share the news with my dad, but I know he would strongly disapprove. My parents divorced when I was very young and my relationship with him has always been strained, but we've been trying to mend fences and keep in contact through the phone for the last couple of years. I just don't want to rock the boat if I don't have to, you know? 

Case 4
I didn't tell him he told I know that doesn't make any sense so I will explain. My hubby and I have been together for a lil over ten years now. When he first moved his things in with me he had this huge collection of dirty mags. I didn't care.(When I saw them I think he worried I would flip out about it) We started talking about the differences between the layouts between the different ones and things like that. At one point he looked at me and said "this is turning you on isn't it". I had kept my fellings to myself until this point, but i took a chance adn told him "yes". His response was a smile. We talked not mush longer adn ended up in the bedroom. ;) He has been great to talk with and he wants me to explore my feelings, but is not comfortable with a solo exploration. We have to work out some kinks so that we are both happy and comfortable. So I am a poor bi virgin. :blush:
I told a couple of my closest friends this past summer and they were cool.