Bisexual Dating: Creating the Perfect Profile

Have you joined a dating site? and now comes the tricky part; creating your profile.

Here is everything you need to know to maximize your connections and meet other members.

1. Online members like photos. On the shallowest level, we all want to get a visual approximation of who we are chatting with. Avoid shots with you and your man, ‘hilarious’ pictures of you on a drunken night out or extreme close ups of individual parts of your face or body.

People like to see your visage all in one place and in the right order. Obviously everyone chooses their most flattering shots, so make sure you have a couple up there that show you in your best light, but keep your picture accurate, i.e., age, weight, overall look.

You’ll only get found out in the end; nobody likes surprises on first dates and it makes for very awkward small talk. In short, photographic honesty is always the best policy.

2. When writing your online profile, length is always something to bear in mind. Too short a profile and you could appear lazy, lifeless or lackluster. Too long, and you could come across as self-obsessed or pseudo-psychotic.
Of all the profiles I’ve seen the ones that make the best impression are long enough to prove the person has interests, passions, life experiences and something about their personality to pique my curiosity, but they’re not so long that I’ve dozed off and dribbled on my keyboard.

When defining interests, it takes a little more effort than listing ‘sport, film, music and travel’ – I challenge anyone to not like a single sport, film, song or holiday destination. Be creative. Details work wonders and catch the eye.

3. Now you need to specify who it is you’re looking to meet, which usually involves setting certain parameters, such as age and height range. Don’t keep this too broad, you may seem rather desperate if you say you’re looking for someone between the ages of 18 and 80. Show a little selectiveness lest you’re damned for using too wide a net.

Conversely, if you’re really fussy, I suggest you be a little more generous on limiting factors, because you’d kick yourself if you ruled out your perfect match just because she's a year older or an inch shorter than you’d predetermined.
It’s also imprudent to put too much personal detail in your ideal partner, such as “must not be a cheat” or ‘must like this particular activity in the boudoir’ as no doubt that says a lot more about you than it does about them.
In summary, off-putting profiles are the sorts that look lazy, dull, freakishly personal or overeager.

So put some thought into writing your profile, be interesting but not boastful, intimidating or elitist. And although most people won't be grading you on your use of literary flair, grammar or vocabulary, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re typo-free.