Are You Bi-Curious?

With all the new interest in bisexual celebrities, singers, musicians, pop icons and actors, considering a girl-on-girl experience is increasingly a socially acceptable proposition. Are you bi curious? Do you daydream, wondering what it would be like to caress the smooth, soft skin of a sexy female celebrity? When you're in the heat of passionate lovemaking, does the idea of being with another woman turn you on?

If you've never had sex with another woman but are dying to see what it's like, you're bi curious! If you have a rich fantasy life which includes other women, and it turns you on, you are bi curious.

It's no surprise that so many women are bi curious. It's been noted that nearly every woman is bi curious to some extent. More than half of the heterosexual women in a recent Boise State University study indicated they were bi-curious and the number increases as women age. Over 60% of the heterosexual women in the study were sexually attracted to other women. 50% had fantasies about other women and 45% had kissed another woman.

Lisa Diamond PhD, a psychologist at the University of Utah, did a lengthy study following women who were interested in other women, over the course of 15 years, documenting their relationships and sexual self labels. Over time, the labels the women chose for themselves changed with one key similarity; the older they got, the more prone they were to identify as unlabeled.

This indicates that our sexuality is not so well defined and may not become more clear as time goes by, but rather more diverse and therefore less likely to fit into the confines of a limited sexual label. Our desires and preferences may change over time. With a more relaxed perspective on varying sexual orientations, more women are testing the waters and following their curiosity to its logical end – experience.

The actual number of bi-curious women is hard to estimate. Likewise, the number of bisexual women is a mystery, although most believe the numbers of both are much higher than previously thought. Life is a journey and human sexuality is meant to be explored. We only live one life, so why not make the most of it? Get off the bench, experiment, explore and find what makes you happy. Why limit yourself?