20 winning tips for bisexual dating safety

Glad to know that you are starting to open yourself up to dating again. But use common sense along with safety.

1. On the internet look out for people only interested in sex, most likely that's what they were doing before the internet and you want to live, not die of HIV!

2. Don't be quick to meet someone in weird spots, go to a public place, like Borders or an outdoor restaurant.

3. Everyone has had past issues, so don't judge anyone, if it's not your style, move on!

4. You are single and so are a million other people so if you are damaged goods and looking for a new love, know that someone else is looking for a new love too.

5. Throw away your "luggage" and "baggage" of past relationships.

6. If you need to talk about your "EX" go to a therapist or go out with friends who love to listen.

7. Get to know your date, smile and be happy, your issues has nothing to do with your date, and get to know each other not what you want.

8. Don't make demands,that is why you are single, too picky. You might find out you like new things.

9. Everything on your agenda is not on the other's individual agenda so plan something together!

10. Be kind, nice, honest and supportive, but not stupid. Don't expect anything,your date doesn't owe you anything.

11. If you didn't do something before, don't knock it until tried it, and if you are extra experienced or they are, don't try to play catch up in one date.

12. You can't tell your whole life in one day or one evening or one phone call, breathe, take it easy, and be natural, time is a must.

13. Safety: it's ok to want a new life with someone, but don't open the door to your life to find yourself holding the door open to let them out.

14. Commonsense: Everybody is great at something. Everyone is not good at some things so find something you both don't know and be spontaneous.

15. The best tip of all is be honest with yourself, are you really ready for this or just want a fling. When you make decisions know: Be aware of the "CHOICE" you make, the "CHOICE" you made, Will begin to take "COURSE", and once it takes "COURSE", The outcome will be "consequences" because of your original choice.

16. If it's all about you, then take yourself out, and talk to yourself (get the picture).

17. Misery loves company but so does happiness, so stay strong and mindful in any situation

18. Adjust to your surroundings, don't transform.

19. Like yourself and who you're with. Even if the date isn't what you wanted it to be. Still have a good time.

20. Hygiene is most important, show up looking and "Smelling" Great. Now smile, and relax. Whatever the situation or outcome you'll feel even better once you go out with them the second time.

 Mar 02, 2013 | By heavenstreasure,Bicupid.com

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