The first bisexual Congressperson sorta doesn’t want to talk about it

Arizona Rep. Krysten Sinema, the first bisexual Congressperson, (sorta) downplays the milestone, as Manuel Roig-Franzia of WaPo reports:
“I don’t have a story to tell,” she snaps. “I don’t think this is relevant or significant. I’m confused when these questions come up.”
What’s curious about Sinema’s pique is that it only extends the conversation. She just keeps talking and talking and talking . . . and talking.
“I’m not a pioneer. I’m just a regular person who works hard. Nor am I a poster child. I’m not forging away or pioneering . . . .”
“I don’t understand why it’s a big deal . . . .”
Okay. Got it.
“I don’t understand what the mystique is . . . .”