Who can know Angelina jolie? Lived the her lesbian, female sex maniac, female artist, mental patients, female agent, women scientists, woman killer, is best known her sexy and beautiful, but she married brad Pitt after admitting bisexual, and claim to like the sm. Jolie's image has always been very independent, but now the comments more proved her personality.

Pop big sister Madonna life never lack a man, but she is a bisexual! This in a documentary called "the Madonna's man". Behind the maverick, topic, if it's just her character, she and her husband broke faintly in the life tell us that entertainment industry will be one more bisexual.

In 2008, the Hollywood actress lindsay lohan in the December issue of Harper 'sBazaar magazine in an interview, frankly admits that he is bisexual, but refused to admit that he was gay, her explanation is: "I don't want to put yourself into the kind of, because never know what will happen in the future."

Agassi and brooke shields for a first date is known classic, but two people married life is not as good, as Andre agassi won't accept her and David crane and Chris hencky's relationship. Brooke shields against a gay magazine, said: "I not only like a man, also very love woman. In fact, I was gay, and straight."