Bisexual Men are Nuts


I have known this forever. I always knew that bisexual men were far crazier than straight men and they were even crazier than gay men, which is pretty bad because gay guys are pretty nutty.
Not sure what causes this. Most of the bi guys I was thinking of were in denial about it. In fact, I figure most bisexual men are in denial about their bisexuality to at least some folks if not to everyone. And most of the ones I knew seemed to be oriented more towards males than towards females. In fact, I thought that some of them were simply gay. The only thing that differentiated them from gay men was the girlfriend by their side.

I recall one guy (call him Arthur) who didn’t even look up when a hot chick entered the room. To him she was part of the furniture, part of the air. This is the typical gay male response to a hot female. From what I could tell, he had maximal attraction to males and zero to minimal attraction to females.
I had another involvement, unfortunately a long term friendship which ended very violently, with a bisexual guy (KL). All I got were the strongest gay vibes off the guy the whole time he was around. He never acted like he was the tiniest bit interested in females. I blew the whistle on him after a bit and told everyone what a world class, super star, gold medal awarded faggot he was. That ruined his cover, and he threatened to beat me up. In addition to being an ultra-fag, he was also probably most one of sickest, weirdest and most utterly twisted human beings I have ever met.

He spent two years in prison in Texas for burglary, and he desperately needed to go back there as that is where he belonged. Basic mindset: criminal! I mean like street criminal, burglar, prowler, thief, etc. That kind of criminal. The kind of guy who sneaks easily graduates to peeping, flashing, stalking, rape and even homicide. He was one sick fuck.

The other guy was just flat out weird. Lots of anxiety, tension, depression and especially paranoia and rage. He never looked happy; he was always dead serious to miserable. Other than fucking guys or sucking on their dicks, I don’t think he enjoyed anything on Earth. He was one twisted bastard, a bundle of raging and seething contradictions, a human storm at sea tossing about and threatening to sink every human ship around. Flat out weirdo. He lived in West Hollywood, made lots of money, wore fancy clothes and had a totally hot girlfriend that he obviously wasn’t turned on to even 1%. And he was 100% on the down low about his oh too obvious sexuality.

I am not too wild about male homosexuals or especially male bisexuals, but maybe it’s better for everyone the more out they are. That closet looks like a deadly and crazy-making place.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!