All of us are bisexual

While heterosexual dominated, gay has been admitted. Think this is what we have already completed the sexual revolution of the age. But a third way still doesn't work, refused to acknowledge that bisexuals social requirements of the right not to selective orientation, namely indiscriminately successively or fall in love with men's and women's rights at the same time. Human social scientists, carter, Deschamps (Catherine Deschamps) pointed out: "our society is not to give up binary logic, either straight or gay, there is no other in the middle."
Simple binary logic than rough unify into the theory of civilization is an important step forward. But also encourage those who belonged to intermediate shades of gray, also consciously - either to the right on both sides, or to the left. Vivian in the "song" to pose as heterosexual, gay in "red", pretend to, but never in a bar, can let her follow one's inclinationsly or without label into the third kind of label. For Vivian, it is the ideal way of life: "don't have to consider what is unhealthy and abnormal. According to my nature to love, I need this kind of freedom."

Vivian's friend Allen, who is also a vague identity. Before 2005 he think himself is a pure gay, until met a neutral in that year in the spring temperament of the female. He said: "before that, I will only sexual fantasies of men, and to make love with a woman full of fear. This woman has inspired me a strong feeling of love. Followed by a desire for sex, and for the first time we make love my action is so natural, I feel very incredible. Spring let me got the release, but I think that she is just woke me potential duality."
After the spring, he no longer reject women, at the same time, he also did not give up lingered in gay bars. He is easier than Vivian, because he didn't consider looking for a man to marry and have children.
The end of marriage is not actually bisexual. Alice is such. She is married and the mother of a 4-year-old girl, at the age of 35, Alice had sex with a woman for the first time. At that time, the basic lose their passion, their relationship is two people each other naked, and peep. Her lesbian in 22 found comfort. Guide me was, "she said, and in front of her, I seems to have had a, 18 years of sexual experience before I no longer work. At the same time, in a relationship and women, don't bring me guilt to the husband." Alice and Ann tryst regularly, even let her back this period of communication for man's sexual desire.
Love a man, love a woman
Alice said: "my heart admitted that he is a bisexual, become a greedy child, to this, and also that. Get happiness is not the same, and even complementary." Vivian said: "there is no denying the fact that same with us when we touch a body and a very different body, the feeling of love is not the same. And women together, more is a sensual communication, and that kind of pleasure is endless, because we are more than any one man should be familiar with our body, because a man isn't a woman. With a man, I am eager to the feeling of unable to grasp that. Sexual intercourse must consider the impatience of a man for pleasure. They often do some difficult moves, because since ancient times, men have been trying to prove that he is the best."
Allen said: "with men or women together, is my male and female characteristics in different ways, I can't say as men together will make me more masculine, together with a woman will make me more feminine. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes just the opposite. I only know that love a man and a woman love, let me feel more complete."
How do scientists said
So that all people should be like Alice, follow one's inclinations express their desire for sex and the opposite sex, or, and Allen, his masculine and feminine side of freedom? The world will become more beautiful? We will all be bisexual?
"No", the French sex education at the university of bordeaux, the second director Claude ace figure ji (Claude Esturgie) tells us: "be bisexual, just don't care about social evaluation is not enough. Our sexuality is determined by psychological structure, and each person's psychological structure is different."
In fact, everyone has a little bisexual subconscious tendencies. Claude ace figure, added: "it comes from our parents as a child of the bidirectional imitation". At the beginning of the 20th century, Freud has put forward the concept of "psychological bisexual", namely "each gender showed some of the characteristics of the other gender" point of view. He thinks that we have "at the same time some of the characteristics of men and women. These form the most vague in the fields of science, the concept of". Another sexologist Philippe Bruno (Philippe Brenot) has clearly said: "if a heterosexual some pairs of same-sex sexual fantasy (or vice versa) does not mean he will put it into practice. The personality of the balance is to haven't experienced the illusion of other things and depressed."