7 Tips what not to do on your first date

There are some things you must not do when you first meet someone in person. These have been collected from personal experiences of mine and my friends:
1. Be on time for the date. If you are going to be late, definitely text the person(these days, everyone has a cell with texting) and let him/her know.
2. Do not use a cell phone at all unless it is a dire emergency (and only then, excuse yourself from the table with apologies and a promise to be right back, explain it is urgent).
3. Dress appropriately! No sexy or revealing attire. Wear a nice wardrobe, no wrinkled shirts, no scruffy shoes!
4. Stay focused on the other person. Ask questions about his/her life. Do NOT get too personal with religion, exes, politics just yet!
5. Be nice to the waiter/waitress and tip generously!
6. Let the date last up to 2 hours. Any longer, you will tend to overshare yourself with too much detail. Save some for the second date!
7. For men, ask the woman if she wants to meet again (provided you like her).

Apr 27, 2013 | By Dashing007 on meetbi.com
New York, United States