22 tests whether you learn "bisexual" potential

May have been absolutely sure about their orientation is normal, you heart is a absolutely bisexual, at a particular time, broke out in a different orientation. So might as well to test to see, do you have a double potential.

1, very resistant to the marriage idea now?
Yes- turn 2 questions
No - 3 items

2, through a window, you will be very deliberately look at herself in the mirror window?
Yes - 3 items
Not deliberately turn - 4 items

3, do you support gay marriage is legal marriage?
Yes - 4 questions
Does not support - turn 5 questions
Non-inductive - 6 questions

4, if let you choose a place to spend the lonely old age, would you choose?
The countryside rural - 6 questions
An island - turn 5 questions
Nursing home - 7 questions

5, if you find that you are a gay, would you be afraid?
Will turn - 7 items
Will not turn - 6 items

6, daily without what thing, what would you choose?
Curtilage at home - turn 8
To dine with friends - 7 questions
Go to the park for a walk - turn 9 items

7, do you like to have a lace edge decoration?
Yes - 9 items
Not - turn 8

8, the friends around you, "lily" tendency of girl do you think?
Yes, I think there are a lot of turn - 9 items
No or little - turn 11 items
What do you mean lily? - turn ten questions

9, which dynasty dress do you prefer?
The qing dynasty - 12 questions
Han and tang dynasties - turn 11 items
The Ming dynasty - turn 10 questions

10, you really can't stand talking like this men?
Yes - turn 13 items
Not - 12 questions

11, you now, still can put their own happiness, hope to give you the opposite sex blindly?
There is a little fantasy - turn 13 items
There are no such thoughts - turn 14 questions completely

12, same-sex friends more or the opposite sex friends around you?
Gay - turn 13 items
Heterosexual - turn 15 items

13, do you dislike a freak?
Yes - turned 18
Turn not, like, 15 items
No feeling, this is just the somebody else's way of life - turn 14 items

14, if you are a girl, height 170 cm, how will you dress yourself?
Taking hale neutral line - turn 15 items
Elegant fair maiden course - turn 15 questions
Taking frank women line - turned 18

15, at ordinary times is very like to watch anime?
Yes - turn 16 items
Not - turned 18

16, like the cartoon type, general meeting is?
Young blood type efforts - turned 18
Listless turn to vomit slot type - 17 questions
Campus joke or pure love - turn 19 items
Animals, fairy tale - 20 questions

17, more like to watch anime which country or region?
Domestic animation - 20 questions
Japanese anime - turn 21 questions
Europe and the United States animation - the answer B

18, if your boss is a neutral style but shrewd kokang flat and agile female hero, you will be very worship her?
- the answer C
Will not turn - 19 items

19, after a failure in love, have you ever thought of despair of the opposite sex?
- the answer to A
No - turn 22 items

20, you think you are that kind of compared with the opposite sex, you better appreciation of gay people?
Yes - the answer is D
Not - turn 21 questions

21, you think you in any case, will one day get married?
Yes - the answer B
Not - turn 22 items

22, the following these occupations, which is more you want to be?
Makeup artist - the answer is D
Get fitted - the answer to A
Hairdressers - the answer is C

A, are you serious straight gay and straight women
Although you are a typical curtilage corruption, either because of the deeply poisoned by a Japanese cartoon, is becoming more and more like YY (masturbation); Either can be deep in the home, a few months didn't go out or to the gay also dare big joke, but your heart, there is no doubt that is a serious straight gay and straight women.
At ordinary times you show to the corrosion gas and frivolous, is just your attitude towards life a gossip, just want to live a more relaxed
, therefore, who showed a "glass" or "lala", but is a kind of entertainment a means of entertainment has just, doesn't mean you really have a tendency to bisexual.
B, you are straight men/straight girl, but do you have like gay potential, is likely to become bisexual
Actually in the beginning, you also is to the opposite sex more full of fantasy, but, after some relationship, and the reality of suffering after, you more and more disappointed in this society of so-called happiness and marriage, and even despair. Although you feel will one day form the marriage, in your heart, however, you tend to be gay.
Because, you in the way of life, to learn more and to enjoy some gay, if a girl, is to look relaxed hale sex boss attachment or talented friends. And if men, hidden in the inner sense of insecurity and seek to rely on you, makes you want to go to more and more
Depends on a male friend.
C, you're a real bisexual, love man love woman
From when to start, you begin to pay close attention to some of the same sex, eyes will turn as gay? Probably even you yourself don't know
Right, when you find it, may be able to shrug off some, after all, your side still have numerous members of the opposite sex surround you, you also think
Love is the opposite sex.
But facts are facts, you slowly crush on gay facts to let your heart want to escape is useless, perhaps before you will be upset,
Think what you might be gay? After all, you to the opposite sex will still have some physiological impulse, but in the end you just suddenly
However, oneself originally is a bisexual, love men and at the same time, and I love women, don't delay on both sides.
D, you are a pure gay
Don't cry to shout, compared to those who can accept both gay and straight, you on emotional and sexual
Are focused. Is compared with the normal orientation of the people, you are the opposite, with a popular words, that is your nature
Extremely pure gay is lurking.
You really is a pure gay, in the "base", "bud silk" s flying, you are just a grain of small water droplets in the sea. Maybe before your homosexuality was blew out you don't know, however, come out later, you will face, because that is the most original you naked.