8 reasons why Ryan Reynolds is perfect for a bisexual relationship in ‘Deadpool’

Ryan Reynolds is sexy, 40, married and has a daughter. He’s been very gay-friendly in interviews in the past, and isn’t afraid of playing gay characters, nor kissing guys in public.

He also stars in “Deadpool,” as an anti-superhero which the creators say has sex with any adult he can find. It’s not so explicit in this version, but Reynolds can’t wait for the sequel, and he’s ready to lip-lock with any dude.

Here’re why he’s just perfect for the part.

His director labels Deadpool “pansexual"

Director Tim Miller, actor and actor Ryan Reynolds spoke onstage at the 20th Century FOX panel during Comic-Con International. The “Deadpool” director points out that the comic book character based on the film is someone who sleeps with any adult he could find.
The character was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Niceieza many years ago.

14 romantic bisexual movies you probably haven't seen, yet

It's Valentine's Day weekend, and love is in the air. For bisexuals, choosing a movie to sit down and relax with your loved one(s) can be a bit of a dilemma. You don't want a schmaltzy hetero-only love trope. The gay male love stories tend to fixate on why one guy can't settle down and keep his zipper up to stop playing the field, and the lesbian love stories tend to have one partner too obsessive with her lover and wants to move in right away. Ugh!

So, here is a list of bisexual romantic movies that may reflect the issues of bisexuals a bit better (minus the occasional murder here or there). Some of them are simply fun, some are very serious, some will make you cry. But, they're not the ones you've expected, like "High Art" or "Brokeback Mountain" or "Cabaret" or "Velvet Goldmine."
Some of the movies are available online very easily. Some are on Amazon or Netflix, but a few of the others you'll have to do some searching to find. Inevitably, they're all worth watching. If you have any other ideas, mention them in the comments below.

3 (Three)

This German film from 2010 follows a seemingly hetero couple in their 40s, Hanna and Simon, who become a little restless as their 20th anniversary together is looming. Reminiscent of a 1930's screwball comedy (except for the full frontal nudity), Hanna fools around with a younger guy, Adam, and then Simon also fools around with Adam in a steamy scene in a gym locker room.