Bisexual Dating Site:, How It Work?

When you first join our site, you become a free member. This allows you to create profiles, add up to 26 photos, search for people by country, create a favourites list - and send unlimited winks! You'll be alerted by email if somebody on the site adds you as a favourite, winks at you, or sends you a message. You're also able to respond to an email sent to you by Gold Members!
Should you decide to become a Gold Member yourself though, you'll also be able to access all services without any limitation:
  • Initiate sending emails
  • Email / Wink filter settings
  • Photo / Profile security options
  • Send birthday cards
  • View compatible matches / Reverse matches
  • View last login time
  • Search for people by Advanced/Saved/Keywords, Horoscope/Astrological sign, State/Province or Zip/Postal Code/City and so on.
You can upgrade to Gold membership now! It's only $29.95 a month. To upgrade your free membership to Gold Membership, please visit the 'My Account' page when you login and click on 'Upgrade Now'. Or, you can click here to be taken there once you've logged in. There is no need to pay DOUBLE to hook up both men and women Promises to Bisexuals: There is no need to pay DOUBLE to hook up both men and women.

Popular bisexual dating platform has issued a statement saying that its users would not be charged double to hook up with both men and women. This came up as a response to another dating website that has decided to charge double if members wish to search for users of both the sexes. has held onto the number one position among dating websites in the United Kingdom for several years. has made it pretty clear that bisexual members would have to create two separate profiles and that would mean purchasing two subscription packs. The issue came into limelight when a bisexual user received a reply from the custom support. On the other hand,, an undisputed leader in the bisexual dating arena is all set to take advantage of this move made by

In fact, in an official statement given by their spokesperson, he said, " We will not be implementing their policies proposed by other websites. will continue with the terms and conditions being used for several years. For now, there are no plans of charging users for dual subscriptions. Our members can pay for a single subscription and search both male and female users." is regarded as the oldest and the number one website for bisexuals. It currently boasts of a membership base of over 810,000 members from all over the world. The spokesperson also said," Our tagline is - Where Bisexuality Grows Wings. And we wouldn't want to cut the wings of our members anytime soon." has been a big name in the bisexual dating industry since over a decade and it is very likely that they would strive to maintain their prestige in the future too. Unlike other websites that allow users of all sexual orientations to join and interact with other users, this website limits membership to bisexuals only. The advantage of this trait is that members find a common interest and can bond with others faster.

With subscription packages starting from as low as $1 a day, this platform is pretty affordable to use. Furthermore, the subscription amount reduces as one opts for a three month or a six month subscription package. On the other hand, the free / standard membership also claims to provide a decent user experience.
The major downside of a free membership that might eventually make users upgrade is the fact that it doesn’t allow sending of emails and instant messages. However, users will still be able to reply to the gold members they have received messages from. is right on track and by keeping things simple for users and going head – on against its competitors, it is all set to grab more users in the coming months.

PHOTOS: Bisexual Conference Garners Mayoral Proclamation

Lauren Beach
This year's annual bisexuality conference, The Bisexual Empowerment Conference: A Uniting Supportive Experience (BECAUSE), took place in Minneapolis, Minn., from June 6 through June 8, with nearly 200 attendees hailing from 20 states.
Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges even issued a proclamation honoring the conference, declaring June 7 to be "Bisexual Empowerment Day In The City Of Minneapolis." The proclamation set the tone for the conference, in which participants had a truly unique experience.
Special guest H. Sharif Williams, Ph.D., better known Dr. Herukhuti, emphasized this, noting that "being at a bisexual conference has a really different feel then being in an LGBT space."
"It's amazing to be around people you don't have to explain things to," BECAUSE access coordinator, Tanya Byington, tells The Advocate. "They get it."

Participants attend Patrick's workshop
The annual conference, organized by the Bisexual Organizing Project, was created in 1992 to create a safe space for those with fluid sexualities who felt disenfranchised by the other queer conferences that were primarily for binary sexualities. Dates and location for 2015 are yet to be determined.
“The BECAUSE Conference serves as a homecoming for the bisexual community, including individuals who identify as pansexual, fluid, queer, or with no label at all,” Camille Holthaus, chair of the Bisexual Organizing Project tells The Advocate. “It is a space where bisexuals of many backgrounds, experiences and intersectionalities can come together in community. The conference is, and always has been, by, for and about bisexuals and our allies. Our mission is to create a safe, supporting and empowering community in which participants are encouraged to discover and celebrate their sexual identities.”

BOP Board, BECAUSE 2014: Lou Hoffman, Lauren Beach, Camille Holthaus

New York City-based bisexual leader Paul Nocera

BI HUNG FIT performance

Bi Pride for sale at the merchandise table!

First Time Oral Sex with a Woman

A few tips for your first time oral experience.
If it’s your first time having oral sex with a woman, don’t be afraid to let her know you’ve never done this before. Let her know you’re eager to get to work, but not quite sure of the lay of the land.

Make sure you spend some time getting her aroused before you head south. Kiss her, caress her breasts, press your bodies close together, bump and grind.

When you’re ready, pull down her pants. Go ahead and kiss her on the outside of her panties before you remove them.

Start gently and build up the intensity: Be gentle. Don’t go at her like a dog to a bone. Kiss her outside labia and gently run your tongue between her lips. Notice if she’s wet. Pay attention to what she does with her body. Does she arch her back and push up to meet your tongue? This is a sure sign that she’s ready for you to get more active down there. Pay attention to her verbal and nonverbal communication.

Whatoral to do with your tongue? First take some time and explore the whole region, but eventually you’re going to want to end up on or near her clitoris. Go ahead and dip your tongue inside her vagina and if she likes it, insert a finger or two or more. When you’re first learning, slow down and pay attention to the subtleties of every sound and every movement your lover makes.
Some women require a lot of stimulation directly on their clitoris to orgasm. Others only like to be stimulated near and around it. When she is aroused try flicking (with your tongue, not your fingers) her clitoris. Some women like to have it sucked. For others that is too much. She may want one thing one day and something different the next.

As you can see, I haven’t given you any exact answers to your questions. The best thing to do is to experiment, do what feels natural to you and look for clues from your partner. If you can’t read her nonverbal cues, go ahead and ask her. More here? Is this the spot? Like this? She may answer you, or she may just grab your head and direct you where she wants you to go.

If she asks you to do something different or change what you’re doing, don’t take it personally. The best lovers are the ones who listen to their partners and have self-confidence without being cocky.

How to Have Threesomes

I’m going to stick with yesterday’s topic of bisexual women and post something that Thundercat wrote regarding threesomes. Thundercat has written the definitive guide to picking up strippers. And a stripper might be your best shot at a threesome. Below is some advice he has for you guys in search of the magical threesome. There really is some great advice packed in here.

How to Have Threesomes by Joseph Mathews
Treat the fact that she`s bisexual the same way you`d treat the fact that she knows how to cook. If you`re comfortable with it and you can speak about it like it`s not a big deal and it`s natural, then it is.
Rick said that he`s at a stage where he won`t even ask the girls if they`re bisexual. He`ll just ask them What kind of girls do you like? Again, if it`s not a big deal to you, it won`t be to them.He said the biggest mistake most men make is that they`ll rush into a threesome. He said that the primary partner has to feel comfortable she`s not gonna get dumped when she brings a girl home for you. Make sure she understands she`s the primary in the relationship, and that you can`t pay more attention to the second girl.
Basically, Rick`s process is:

Bisexuality: I think my new girlfriend is after my man.

The eternal triangle is alive and well in the world. The most common scenario has two women vying for one man, however, in these cases the women will likely have little to no relationship with each other. The man involved will have his ego fly through the roof at least at first. Oh the complex and devious mind of a woman. If he does not choose and quickly he will find himself alone wondering what went wrong. I simply cannot imagine how that can happen.

The melodrama in recent years has taken new twists and turns with women partaking in loving relationships both on an emotional and physical level. Suddenly, the unsuspecting man becomes the target of affection by "the other woman".
I believe these situations are recipes for disaster as now you have a decision that quite literally can affect the rest of your life. There is no fun being in a position where you can lose one or more likely two loving and fulfilling relationships at the same time. You are on a slippery slope that must be resolved immediately. The decision is going to be painful one way or the other.
The best way to alter this dangerous course before it consumes you is to nip it in the bud before it reaches a crisis point. Take it from personal experience. You must stem the flow before it becomes a flood.
About 8 years ago I met and fell head over heals with