Love on a Bi's Site...

For all of you bi-curious, bi-sexual, lesbian women who think you can’t find real love on a social networking site… I’m here to tell you that you can!  Maybe it won’t happen the way you expect, or with whom you expect, but take it from someone who knows... It definitely will happen if you just be patient and don’t give up!
I found by accident.
Really, I Googled it! Lol! I had just come out to my husband and I was looking to explore my curiosities of bi-sexuality further.  Although, I had dreamed of it quite often, most of my life actually, I had never been with a woman.  Where I grew up you didn’t speak of those types of fantasies.  Long story short, my marriage of 20 years came to an end and we went our separate ways. 

Bi the Bi: Why Would Someone Want to Identify as Bisexual?

This blog post is part of an ongoing conversation between two bisexual activists. A.J. Walkley and Lauren Michelle Kinsey are both monogamous, bisexual, cisgender females who are in long-term relationships. A.J. is in a relationship with a cisgender male, and Lauren is in a relationship with a cisgender female. Both A.J. and Lauren are committed to remaining visible as bisexuals in spite of society's tendency to want to label A.J. as heterosexual and Lauren as a lesbian. Together they came up with the idea for "Bi the Bi: Two Bi Writers on Big Bi Issues" as a way to help eliminate stereotypes and bias against people in the bisexual community.
Question: "Why would someone want to identify as bisexual?"