Why bisexual men need more help than gay

Bisexual man looking for couples
It's always either because of the stigmas thrown on it by society or its just difficult  for bisexual man to find a success date, especially date a guy who's bisexual the struggle is real.

As a bisexual guy, you might be at a greater risk of facing psychological issues than gay, For example, identity crisis, many bisexual men  are regarded as a gay if they date a bisexual guy. It's  very embarrassed and depressed. So bisexual men generally love to hide their sexual preference, and then choose the oppsite sex as a preference since it's a socially accepted preference.  However, If bisexual men want to come out of the closet, it's very difficult due to permanent female partner marriage settings or lack of support. So  If suppressed thier feelings for a long time.  It leads to bisexual men  perverseness, depression, sexual violence, even affect thier live such as sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression and sharp behavioural changes. So bisexual men need more help than gay.

Below some advice , hope it can do help bisexual man get sympathy or mental support. 

1.Try Online Dating Site. 

For bisexual boys, to understand their own sexual preference is a process. Majority of bisexual men, realise only in their mid 30s about their attraction towards the same sex. If you're bi curious man hoping to know your gender, or you're looking for other bi guys  or dating regardless of sexual orientation, you should try sites that cater for bisexual dating specifically rather than hookups. You can accurately search out open-minded bisexual singles and couples to explore their sexuality or share your distress, confusion, and even sexual experince. As it turns out  that lots of confusion,depressive feelings bisexual people get friendly help and support in there, and find a ture love. 

2. Consult professional psychology service organization

For bisexual men,  They don't told others they're bi. So if you're a bi, you can try some counselling and support group, it could help you advoid an identity crisis and pasychological issue.  besides, It's very helpful for you to have a better mental and physical health. You're easier to accept your sexuality and not feel trapped  in your marriages.

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Why Women Become More Bisexual As They Age

60 percent of women are attracted to other women. Are you one of them?
Like most women, I have no shame in admitting that I find other females attractive. I have even admitted to being open to bisexual experimentation ("Of course I would sleep with Halle Berry! It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity").

For women, it's perfectly acceptable to be a little bi-curious (cue every male fantasy), and according to research, it's the norm.

A study reveals that women's sexual preferences tend to be a gray area (yep, identity confusion wasn't just for those college dorm days).

In fact, researchers at Boise State University found that in a group of heterosexual women, 60 percent were physically interested in other women, 45 percent made out with a woman in the past, and 50 percent had fantasies about the same sex.